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New Car Discounts

Looking to buy a new car? All you need to do is call us up on 023 8009 0019 and let us know what you have been offered. We can then fully sanity check it - for only £49.00 – and if we can beat the deal we will tell you. While it's very unusual that we can’t - and by more than just a few quid – customers like this service because it allows them to consider all options and alternatives. For details of our “sanity check service TM" just contact us. However, if as in most cases we do beat the deal AND you decide to buy from us we will knock the price of the "sanity check service TM” £49.00 plus another £50.00 off your eventual fee.

Our Sanity Check 

Sanity check is a service we offer all customers who have a relationship with another car dealer or supplier. Simply, we take all the pertinent information from other deals you have been offered and compare them to our prices, offers and new car discounts. By sharing this information with you we can assist you in making the right decision for your individual requirements. For £199.00 we offer you “The Negotiator TM” deal negotiation assistance for customers who have perhaps seen a specific car – maybe a demo or stock car. For just £199.00 we will school you in how best to get the dealer to crack and give you the best price possible.

Best Price Guaranteed 

Whether you choose sanity check or deal negotiator we suggest that you get ALL the pertinent information from the dealer:

  • The full list price with no discount and what that price includes
  • The discounted cash price: (Has the dealer “included”, “thrown in” or “discounted" any other products in order to increase the price and make it look like he is giving you greater discount? If possible for comparison it's best not to have these products included. If they are, please find out how much they are charging you for them?) 
  • Any manufacturer incentives, especially deposit contributions, and what the terms are. This could also be free insurance, free GAP insurance, smart guard etc. 
  • Monthly payments and term. For example while the dealer may call it a 48 month agreement you need to know if it's 47 months plus a month OR 48 months plus a month
  • How much you are getting for your Part Exchange and what the current or projected settlement figure is – current for deals this month, projected for deals in another period
  • How much cash input you have to make
  • When the car will be available to you
  • The dealer will try and only give you a fraction of this information but without it, and regardless of whether you are using our service, you do need to know it to make an informed decision. If you need a reminder please feel free to print out this helpful checklist

Get A Free Quote

NB The most common ruse is for the dealer to provide you with a finance explanation like this: 

"The deal is: Your Part exchange, we settle your current finance agreement, you put in £2,500.00 cash and your payments are £459.00 a month over 48 months." 

While you CAN use these figures to asses affordability they DO NOT allow you to compare the deal like for like with another. While it all looks good you have no idea how much you are being charged for the new car? How much you are getting for your existing car? How much the dealer is agreeing to settle off? How much you are borrowing? Your interest rate? Whether there is a dealer incentive or deposit contribution being included? Your total amount payable? Or even What the Guaranteed Final Value (GFV) or balloon payment is. 
What you need is the following breakdown:

  • Car make, model and specification
  • Total list price £45,987.00
  • Discount £2,874.00
  • Finance contribution £2,000.00 (If not included above.)
  • Balance £41,113.00
  • Part exchange valuation £5,700.00
  • Finance settlement £3,154.00
  • Balance £38,567.00
  • Cash deposit £4,000.00
  • Balance over 36 months PCP £358.00 at 10,000 miles a year
  • Guaranteed valuation after 35 payments £12,857.00
  • APR 4.2%

Find your new car discount and unique car quote today. Simply head over to our homepage and fill in your desired card make, model and specification!