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 Q: Can I part exchange my car?

A: Yes, of course you can. Just tell us all about it and we'll do the rest. For easy first comparison use our link and go to motorway.

Q: If I order my car through Varissa, what happens next?

A: : Once you have confirmed the price and specification to us by email, we will send your personal and new vehicle details to the dealer who will call you to introduce themselves and then email you an order for you to check through. Then it's over the dealer to process that order with the factory arrange any finance deal you need and sort out handover / delivery.

Q: Who do I pay my money to and when do I pay it?

A: You pay a deposit in order to secure the deal. On collection of the vehicle you pay the balance. At the same time of paying your deposit, you pay our £299.00 web admin fee. Our commission is already included in the agreed price of the car.

Q: Do I get any warranties?

A: Yes you will get exactly the same warranty as if your ordered the car from your local dealer. This also means that any UK based franchise dealer representing that franchise will be delighted to carry out any warranty work you require.

Q: Where do I get the car serviced?

A: Because you are still buying from a main UK dealer you can choose anywhere in the UK.

Q: Do you import the cars?

A: The cars we sell are only UK cars from UK dealers.

Q: How can you get such good prices?

A: We buy literally hundreds of cars a year. Just imagine the buying power that gives you? The dealers support our discounting as it ensures they exceed their volume targets which provides them with further bonus opportunities.

Q: So the price is good but what about subsidised finance deals inclusive of servicing offers and other incentives?

A: Usually these schemes are provided by the manufacturer which are also available through their dealers. As you are buying from a main dealer, this means that you can also take advantage of these offers.

Q: What if I want a used car?

A: We can help you with any car purchase you need. Just call us and one of our specialists will help.