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Helping you during the Coronavirus outbreak

Acting responsibly to prevent the spread of Covid-19 is the primary concern for us all, maintaining good hygiene and distancing practices.

In these challenging times it’s difficult to adapt to the new ‘normal’ or imagine an end to the tunnel.

What is normal is the way that we’re working at Varissa. We’re used to helping customers buy and lease vehicles from the comfort of their home or office. We offer a personal service over the phone, internet and email and can help you make an educated decision whether in your normal working environment, or in your own home.

Our sales process enables car buying and leasing in a safe environment so that you can carry on making the car purchasing decisions as you would normally.

As the market has slowed we’ve seen some great deals become available that we’d like to alert you to.

You can take a look at these over the pages of our website or give us a CALL on 023 8009 0019 and we’ll run through the very latest deals to come online.

As we’ve heard in the news, many car manufacturers have temporarily ceased production. Whilst this isn’t impacting deliveries yet, there will be delays as the weeks pass. So, if you know that you need a new car soon, get in quick and order while the supply chain is good and the deals are on.

Here’s how the buying and leasing process works at Varissa...

  • Look at the vehicles and deals available on our website
  • Call us to discuss your requirements
  • Email your car requirements

Specific ways we’re helping customers during the Covid-19 outbreak

  • We are used to offering a personal service over the phone, internet and email and are therefore in a perfect position to guide you through the buying process without having to meet in person
  • Discuss your vehicle requirements and specifications from the comfort and safety of your own home, gaining all the information you need to decide which vehicle is right for you
  • Our suppliers have put in place ‘no contact buying’ measures allowing test drives to take place in safe conditions. We have partnered with dealerships that will deliver fully disinfected vehicles to your home and leave them with you, giving you time to test drive on your own and at your leisure
  • The market has slowed down so there are some fantastic deals available which we can alert you to
  • Where there are supply chain delays brought about my Covid-19 issues, we’ll advise you on the latest industry developments
  • If you have a vehicle to sell or part-exchange we are working with specialists who can inspect your vehicle safely, without exposing you to unnecessary health risks, and discuss options available to you

Whatever your motoring needs during these challenging times please feel free get in touch. We will be working our way through the situation and will support you as much as and for as long as we can. Additionally, if you have any concerns about the safety measures in place, and any specific risks that you face, please alert us to them and we’ll guide you through the buying options that will address your specific concerns.

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