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Varissa generally acts as an introducer – putting buyer in touch with seller. 

While we work in a manner which is that preferred by our customer generally we put the whole deal together: Sourcing the right car, arranging a PX valuation and exploring appropriate finance deals. We can ask the dealer to settle off your existing finance arrangements.

We generally supply new cars along with demonstrators, nearly new and approved / high quality used cars. Our online quote system is free to use. Our fee is only due once you are ready to do a deal. The current fee is £299.00 inc VAT. We will discuss suitable payment options with you. Included in our price is a payment that we receive from the dealer – paid by subscription or on a deal by deal basis. This payment is INCLUDED in the price we quote and differs depending on the deal and the dealer. If required you can of course ask us for further details. Viewing or using this website is your acceptance of our terms of service. Please do not use the site if you do not wish to be bound by them.

Company details

This web site is owned by Varissa Limited. Head office address Unit 25 Acorn Business Park Empress Road Southampton SO14 0JY


Unless you commit to do a deal use of our web, quote, online service and any general advice is FREE. We understand how difficult it is for you to find the right deal and how potentially daunting or stressful finding a new car is. At Varissa we pride ourselves on service and our ability to make the buying process as easy as possible.

The deal

Once you have agreed the deal in principle with us we will pass your deal onto the dealer who will confirm the deal in writing. Once you have confirmed the deal to us your contract will be with the supplying dealer and not Varissa. In order to confirm your order you will need to have confirmed their offer, paid a deposit and we will need confirmation from the dealer that the order is accepted. They will then confirm delivery dates and specification etc etc. We cannot be held responsible in any way for delays or specification changes. It is our job to assist you with the purchase finding you the best overall price introducing you to the most appropriate dealer and assisting with part exchange sale. If the price of the vehicle changes for whatever reason – factory price increase or increased VED for example you will be expected to go ahead with the deal.


All Fees and deposits are due on order. Please remember you pay nothing unless you order a car.


We are unable to refund you if you choose not to continue with the deal once the vehicle has been ordered.


Our online prices are for brand new, UK specification vehicles. If a car is used we only like to sell cars that are an approved used car from a manufacturer franchised site. If this is not the case we will discuss with you. Our prices are generally correct within £100.00 or so but are subject to change depending on market conditions and supply. They are based on the cheapest price that we have been able to negotiate and include any and all discounts available – some cars for example may be less expensive on finance or with a particular part exchange or maybe both! We will tell you how best to achieve these discounts. Due to geographical constraints you may choose to purchase from one of our other dealers whom while more expensive are more conveniently located for you. While we do all we can to ensure that pricing is accurate our dealers do reserve the right to alter their pricing at any time. This will affect any outstanding orders or quotes you may have up until the dealer confirms your order. Once you decide to proceed we will always check the price on your behalf with the dealer before proceeding.

Order form information

We will ask you to read, confirm and return your order form details by email, in writing or by esignature.. These details will include information regarding the vehicle you are buying including colour and specification – where relevant – along with pricing and other important details. This information is sent to the dealer and will form the basis of your dealer order along with your personal and contact information which we provide in order for the dealer to be able to administer your order.

Supplier terms

Once you receive and confirm – generally by signing and returning – the supplier's order form, our / these terms and conditions are fully cancelled and you are then bound by the supplier's terms.


These are paid in order to secure vehicles that we order on your behalf. Initial payments are generally £2,000.00 but this does vary from vehicle to vehicle with the more specialist vehicles sometimes costing more. Please ask for details.


It is usual for the dealer to send you an invoice for the balance after initial payment which you pay directly to them. In some cases we may send the final invoice ourselves. This does not affect your consumer rights, the vehicle warranty or any protection you may have under the law.

Varissa Final invoice

Due to constraints in process it is sometimes more conducive for Varissa to purchase the vehicle and to invoice you direct for new or used vehicles. These include but are not limited to if you require delivery of a vehicle and the dealer does not provide that service. If the new vehicle is less expensive due to a commercial arrangement we have based on either a cash or financing / leasing deal that is more competitive if the standard manufacturers scheme is not used. If you decide that you would prefer to purchase direct from the franchise dealer or other well established partner company we will of course offer that option but it may be more expensive than our initial offer.

Arrangement fee / commission

We are compensated by the dealer in a variety of ways. While these may change from deal to deal as finding you a specific vehicle may require us to look outside our usual trade network they generally fall into two categories. 1) Subscription payment. 2) Dealer compensation payment. Any such payment made by the dealer is generally from within its own margin or marketing budget. This payment is generally taken care of as part of your initial payment.


All new cars are – as the name suggests - brand new with you being the first registered keeper – just like buying from your local dealer – full warranty etc etc. All other vehicles – pre-reg, demonstrator stock and used are not. These vehicle as generally sourced from approved franchise dealers / main agents, recognised leasing or finance companies or similar. All vehicles are UK supplied and are not imported.


Unless otherwise stated in writing all our vehicles are from UK based Franchise Main Agents. There are some cases where the vehicle will come from an alternative supplier – such as business leasing deals that generally work out more competitive when dealing direct with a finance or leasing company. If we can source a deal more cost effectively from an alternative supplier we will always tell you and allow you to decide if that is the best option for you.


The vast majority of vehicles our dealers supply are brand new. Brand new vehicles fully covered by the manufacturer based warranty and support / break down packages. The warranty is the same as buying from your local dealer and will have the same servicing stipulations that will need to be followed in order to keep the warranty in force. All used vehicle will generally have the balance of this manufacturer based warranty – cars that are more than 2 years old will almost certainly have a 12 month warranty direct with the supplier. It is usual for manufacturer warranty to continue for three years from first registration although some manufacturers only cover their cars for two.


Varissa provides valuable sales opportunities to dealer groups assisting them in reaching their ever growing sales targets. We introduce you to the most appropriate dealer we can based on your requirements after first checking the availability of the offer, the terms and the vehicle availability.


We have a UK wide network that services most of the population within a 2 hour drive. We always advertise our least expensive dealers price so it may be that the dealer closest to you is a little more expensive. We can let you decide which deal is best for you on application.


We pride ourselves on customer service and by looking after our customers we receive recommendations and referrals very frequently. If you have an issue you can’t take it up with anyone and, if they can’t help, they will put you on to someone who can and fast! Whatever you need just ask and we will do all we can to assist.


Once you have chosen your vehicle and specification discussed with us your funding plans and agreed to proceed to order we will make a written offer to you by email. Once you respond to us and have paid initial payments, fees etc we will put the order to the supplier. Once you sign the suppliers paperwork this supersedes our paperwork and terms and conditions. While we are always there to help and advise the order is taken forward with the dealer at the lower – after arrangement fee price – From this point our terms are replaced by the dealers and you are both covered and bound by their terms.


We at Varissa are always on the look out for better deals for you and in some cases the deals we market are from carefully chosen partner companies who will handle the sales process and complete the transaction with you.

Legal Jurisdiction

These terms and conditions and the use of our site is governed by English law. Should legal action become necessary it will be at the sole jurisdiction of English courts.