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What do we charge?

We charge you, our customer, £299.00 on top of the price generated by the website once verified by the dealer and confirmed to you in our written offer by email. If you don't go ahead with the deal we won't charge you a fee...

We earn a further fee / comission from the dealer that is INCLUDED in the total price. So if we send you a written offer for a car at £29,999.00 any fee / commision we earn is fully included in that amount. No nasty hidden extras! In order to simplify our process and keep costs down we generally have you pay our fee / comission and deduct it from the total you will owe the dealer, this is shown on your dealer order which in turn will show a lower price than you agreed. Simple? Maybe not? Just ask us for further details.

In som cases we are paid comission directly by the dealer or they pay us a rolling retaininer. In this case the amount we offer you the car for in writing will be the same amount as the dealer order and tehy will take care of our payment, 

Either way it makes no difference to your total cost which is: Total vehicle and extras price as verified by the dealer and put in writing to you PLUS £299.00

If a deal does not complete for any reason we will refund the fee / comission in full unless, of course, we have come to some other arrangement with you which you prefer and will be in writing. For the avoidance of doubt we would like to make it clear that the £299.00 is not refundable in any circumstances once the deal has been accepted by the dealer. 

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